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Our cost effective products have come to define the industry standard. The North American automotive industry relies heavily on Formed Fiber Technologies to deliver premium quality products and technical expertise in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

FFT produces polyester fiber, nonwoven sheets, rollgoods, and thermoformed products
Our products combine stylish appearance and practical durability with surprising affordability.

Add to that our penchant for unparalleled customer satisfaction and it is clear that FFT offers an excellent value.

The principal fibers used in making our needlepunched nonwoven fabrics are solution dyed polyester and polypropylene.

We manufacture much of our own polyester fiber, using post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials. 
Many FFT products can also incorporate natural fibers from renewable resources. FFT continually strives to develop new methods of recycling materials and reducing waste.

Con-Form II®
Our Standard Moldable substrate, made from a blend composed primarily of polyester and polypropylene fiber. Excellent elongation properties and can be formed to complex shapes.
Fiber Substrates
Polyester Fiber
Our standard non-moldable substrate, ideal for die-cut applications.
Con-Form® II-K
Similar to standard Con-form II® with natural fiber Kenaf reinforcement for increased rigidity
Con-Form® A
100% Polyester moldable substrate. Excellent acoustic properties, and easily recycled.
Con-Form® II-SCS
Skin-Core-Skin multi-layer substrate. Each layer is custom designed to achieve various properties depending on end use application. Light weight and rigid.
Face Fabrics
Smooth, flat surface needlepunch fabrics available in commodity blends or custom colors.  Used as a surface in light to moderate wear applications.
Random Velour
Plush surface needlepunch fabrics which look like carpet, but are more economical.  Available in commodity blends or custom colors.

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Vertical Fiber Insulation

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Our process of creating high quality needlepunched nonwoven fabrics starts with our production of solution dyed polyester staple fibers from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled resins, and supplies most of our polyester fiber needs.

With a capacity of 50 million pounds per year, FFT's subsidiary, Color-Fi ( produces polyester staple fiber for a variety of applications.

We manufacture solution dyed fibers in a full spectrum of colors. Semi-dull, natural and optically bright whites are also available.

Custom color matches are provided in production runs as small as 10 thousand pounds for customers with specific color requirements.

Tow blends of two or more colors are available for customers who require accurate and reproducible preblending of component fibers.

Fibers are produced in deniers ranging from 3 to 1,000.

We're ready to support all major supply chain management needs. Whatever your company's manufacturing philosophy may be, our fiber will provide the quality raw material you require.